Consent and Indemnity Form

the parents/guardians of:
hereby give permission for our child to participate in such activities as may be offered by Kingdom Kidz Palace while he/she is a pupil there. We undertake on behalf of ourselves, our executors and our child afore- said, to indemnify, hold blameless and absolve Kingdom Kidz Palace, the holdings, and any member of staff, teacher, parent or any other person instructed to assist the school, against and from any or all claims what- soever that may arise in connection with any loss of or damage to the property or injury to our child aforesaid in the course of or arising from activities as well as being driven to the Aftercare facility in the knowledge that those in charge of such activities will nevertheless take all reason- able precautions for the safety and welfare of your child. I grant permis- sion for my child’s name and photographs to be included in newsletters, Facebook page and in all forms of media coverage for the purpose of publicity and exposure of Kingdom Kidz Palace.